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Sunshine Bucket Hat

Sunshine Bucket Hat

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Bask in the Glow: The Sunshine Bucket Hat

Capture the essence of sunny days with the Sunshine Bucket Hat. This radiant addition to our Beach Bucket Hats collection is perfect for both men and women who love to soak up the sun. Available in white, navy, and black, it's a stylish way to protect yourself from the sun's rays while embracing the joy of sunny weather. Whether you're hitting the beach, attending a festival, or just enjoying a day outdoors, this hat is your companion in sunshine.

Vibrant Colors for Sunny Days

Choose from a selection of colors that reflect the brightness and warmth of the sun:

  • Solar White: As bright and uplifting as a sunny day.
  • Oceanic Navy: Deep and reflective, like the sea under a clear sky.
  • Beachside Black: Bold and striking, for a stylish sun-soaked adventure.

Designed for Sun Worshipers

The Sunshine Bucket Hat isn't just about looks; it's about celebrating the best of summer. Its wide brim provides ample sun protection, making it perfect for beach days, picnics, or any outdoor activity under the sun.

A Hat for Every Sunny Occasion

This hat is ideal for those who chase the sun, whether you're a beachgoer, a festival fan, or someone who just loves to be outdoors. It’s a stylish accessory for any sun-drenched activity.

Your Essential Accessory for Bright Adventures

From tropical vacations to sunny afternoons in the park, the Sunshine Bucket Hat is your go-to for stylish sun protection. It’s more than just a hat; it's a celebration of bright days and joyous moments in the sun.


• 100% cotton twill
• 3 ¾″ (7.6 cm) crown
• 2 ¼″ (5.1 cm) brim
• One size fits most
• Sewn eyelets for breathability

Size guide

22 * 3 * 2 in
55.9 * 7.6 * 5.1 cm

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